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1. Welcome to

The goal of this server is to bring competitive PVP to Minetest. It is intended to be an experience similar to the popular Faction Mod for Minecraft. The rules are minimal: don't hack or maliciously crash the server. This is automatically enforced by server-side anti-cheat and crash monitoring scripts. There are no in-game moderators and I do not take responsibility for the conduct of players. Minetest server is intended for mature audiences only.

The source code is now public and open to contributions via Github.

2. Game mechanics

2.1. Factions

In order to claim land and set a home location, you must be a member of a faction. Create a faction by typing

/f create [name] [password]

To join an existing faction, type

/f join [name] [password]

Type /help f in chat to see a complete list of faction related commands.

2.2. Claiming land

Here is a summary of how to claim land on this server:

  • In order to claim land, join a faction and type /f claim.
  • To set a home position for your faction, type /f sethome.
  • To teleport to your faction's home position, type /f home
  • Use the command /f radar to see a map of nearby claims.
  • Type /help f to see a list of faction commands

2.3. PVP

Be careful when you leave spawn because PVP is enabled everywhere.

Nametags are visible through walls from 50 blocks away.

2.4. Money/drugs

On this server, the best way to make money is by selling drugs. Drug seeds can be purchased in spawn and grown like any other crop. Finished drugs (weed, heroin and cocaine) can be sold in spawn for profit.

When you are carrying drug paraphernalia, you cannot teleport using /f home or /spawn. This means that you have to walk from your base back to spawn if you want to sell drugs.

Building your base far away from spawn means that you are safer from raiders, but it also means that you have to walk a longer distance to sell drugs.

2.5. Raiding

You cannot mine nodes owned by factions other than your own, but you can destroy them using Covid-19 vaccines. Left click while holding a vaccine to launch an explosive projectile that destroys enemy blocks. There are currently two types of vaccines:

  • The Johnson and Johnson (covid19:vaccine_jj)
    • Can be found in dungeon chests or purchased in spawn.
    • Blast radius: 5 blocks
    • Blast strength: 1250
  • The Pfizer (covid19:vaccine_pfizer)
    • Can be crafted from 5 Johnson and Johnson vaccines.
    • Blast radius: 1.75 blocks
    • Blast strength: 100000

2.6. Explosive resistances

The following is a list of all blocks with a blast resistance above 1250 which can only be destroyed using Pfizer vaccines.

| [block name]                | [blast resistance] |
| sapphire:sapphire_block     |               1500 |
| ruby:ruby_block             |               1500 |
| moreores:silver_block       |               1500 |
| moreores:mithril_block      |               1500 |
| ethereal:crystal_block      |               1500 |
| emerald:emerald_block       |               1500 |
| doors:door_steel_c          |               1500 |
| doors:door_steel_a          |               1500 |
| default:tinblock            |               1500 |
| default:steelblock          |               1500 |
| default:mese                |               1500 |
| default:goldblock           |               1500 |
| default:diamondblock        |               1500 |
| default:copperblock         |               1500 |
| default:bronzeblock         |               1500 |
| basic_materials:brass_block |               1500 |
| amethyst:amethyst_block     |               1500 |

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